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After years designing web and print for the NFL, NCAA, Komen for the Cure and local Dallas restaurants, I realized that I was missing something. Web traffic!  Even though my email campaigns were consitently generating more “opens” than the industry average, the results were mediocre.  So, in 2010, when SEO (search engine optimization) was just becoming a common term in business, I searched for an answer…

Benjamin Neupert

Benjamin Neupert

Marketing Consultant

HubSpot and iDesignFast

I discovered HubSpot, studied the methodology and was certain I found something. Working as a web designer, for an enterprise resource planning software developer, in Las Colinas, Texas, I implemented HubSpot’s 30-day free trial. I immediately began researching the keywords that I believed would generate the most traffic, with the least amount of competition. Within a few weeks the keywords I targeted were showing up on Google.  After presenting these results to our CMO, he promptly included the HubSpot software to the marketing budget.  After 90 days, more than 10 significant keywords could be found on page one of Google and just like that, we were competing with the largest ERP software providers in the industry, like Oracle and SAP.  Within just a few months, marketing was delivering qualified leads to the sales department on a daily basis.

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