Why responsive web design?

Because Google recommends it for SEO.

Today’s online visitor expects a smart, intuitive UX (user-experience).  Searching for the navigation menu or trying to read small text can frustrate visitors and result in a high bounce rate.  An attractive website, with a consistent UX, is just one factor to consider when developing a responsive layout.


Responsive Design Advantages

  • Consistent user-experience helps increase conversion rate
  • Unifies organic content and pay-per-click campaigns strategies
  • No mobile site development; saves time, money and resources
  • HTML5 allows offline browsing

On-page SEO
(search engine optimization) is crucial when developing your website’s content.  Since the HTML, URL and On-page SEO is consistent across all devices, Google recommends responsive design.


More Advantages

  • A single URL ensures consistent social sharing
  • Algorithms index content more efficiently
  • No URL redirection reduces loading time on mobile devices
  • Googlebots crawl pages one time, ensuring fresh indexing


This is Google’s recommended configuration

– Google Developers

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